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  1. Can I use Help Me Pedal without training wheels? No
  2. How do I use Help Me Pedal? Place them underneath each training wheel
  3. Can I use Help Me Pedal indoor and outdoor? Yes, preferably on hard flat surfaces
  4. Do you provide a refund? Yes, only if the package has not been opened
  5. What if my package was damaged during shipping? Please contact shipping company for refund
  6. Are training wheels included? No
  7. Are Help Me Pedal compatible with all training wheels? Yes, as long as the depth of the wheels do not exceed 1.25 inches
  8. How are Help Me Pedal customizable? The child can use the provided crayons and stickers to personalized them.
  9. Can I provide a testimony and picture of my child using Help Me Pedal? Yes, please send to Testimony@helpmepedal.com
  10. Do you have an affiliate program? No, but coming soon, so send partnership questions to Partnership@helpmepedal.com
  11. Can I order Help Me Pedal to sell out of my store? Yes, please send inquiries to Partnership@helpmepedal.com