Help Me Pedal came to life in 2021, an amazing accessory that can help speed up the bike training experience. I wanted to share my experience with others, by providing Help Me Pedal to the world.


When I started teaching my daughter to ride her birthday bike, I noticed she was having a hard time moving the pedal. Her feet would slide off the pedal constantly causing frustration and her initial excitement started to disappear.
 To be honest, I started to get a little impatient and wanted to stop.
 But there had to be a better way for the child to learn how to pedal, eliminating the frustration and speeding up this learning curve.
 So “Help Me Pedal” was born, credit goes to my wife for coming up with the name, then I proceeded to create the prototype out of broken bed slats.
 Not only does she enjoy riding the bike but she still continues to use her “Help Me Pedals”.
Help Me Pedal Prototypes


Providing all children the opportunity to learn how to pedal which is the first step to riding a bike. We believe this is a learning experience like no other, teacher and student will have a great time during this bike riding journey.

Giving back to the community is something we feel is very important, so a portion of every Help Me Pedal sold will go to feeding hungry children and to the global community.